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Montessori History and Philosophy

Maria Montessori, the first woman doctor of Italy, developed her philosophy of child growth and development through the careful observation of children.  Through the years she experimented with different teaching materials and educational methods by using the child as her textbook and guide.

In 1906 she founded a children’s school in Rome and the education system she put in place evolved throughout the world.  Dr. Montessori believed that from birth to age six the child has an “absorbent mind” that endows him with a great capacity for disciplined work and a hearty appetite for learning.

Dr. Montessori proved that from the age of 3 through age 6 the child is in a “sensitive” period.  This sensitive period is a period of time which the center of his attention is focused on specific aspects of his environment to the point where all else taking place around him may be excluded.  This intense and prolonged activity while in this stage does not lead to boredom but rather a persistent interest and captivation by the child until this period disappears.

the Montessori curriculum is fundamental in awakening each child’s potential while gaining independence in their capabilities.  At Montessori Children’s House we aim to continue this process of learning.  We encourage each child to progress at their own rate thus inspiring their natural desire to learn.

Montessori Children’s House is dedicated to each child’s learning needs, academically, socially, physically, and emotionally.