“It is not just a school, it is an extended family! ” ~ D. Paige, Kindergarten Parent

“There was never a doubt in my mind that MCH was the right school for my daughter.  The knowledge that our daughter has gained while at MCH far exceeds what we ever imagined!  I cannot think of anyway to make the school better that is why we plan on staying put at MCH as long as we can and plan on having our youngest also attend when ready.” ~ H. Smith, Pre-School parent

“We love MCH!  Our boys have been to other area daycare centers and Montessori schools, and none compare to MCH.  Our boys have had so many opportunities here and are learning so much under the guidance of the best teachers and staff.” ~ L. Baum, Pre-school/ Kindergarten/First Grade parent

“We love MCH and are excited to tell anyone about where our son attends.  We are most proud of how independent he is and the pride he takes in himself at his own independence.  He is thrilled to go to school and has told us he loves his teachers.  Thank you so very much for the nurturing education you provide for our son.  We are looking forward to next year and get ready for our daughter too!”  ~S. Clonch, Pre-school parent

“We find MCH to be a diverse, open, challenging, consistent, affordable and caring place for our child.  We see the children here busy and happy.  We love that they learn at their own pace and are given the chance to express themselves while learning to respect each other.  I am extremely happy with the education my daughter has received there and look forward to sending my son as well!” ~ B. CeCe, Kindergarten/First Grade parent

“This school is something special. The teachers and staff show such care for the children while providing ways for them to learn independence. My son comes home excited by the activities he did that day and loves to tell me the new words he has learned in Russian. The school also provides lots of outdoor time and field trips. So happy to have found this school and am looking forward to Kindergarten in the same environment.” ~ C. Pullman Pre-school/Kindergarten/First Grade parent