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Asking "Why?" is a wonderful question.

We plant the seed of knowledge and water it with love!


Montessori Children's House strives to meet the intellectual, emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual development needs of each student 2.5 through 12 years of age.

The environment, curriculum and pace of learning is arranged so that each student chooses the work that captures his interest and meets his abilities.  This will challenge each student to broaden his thinking by applying it to real-life work of the hands, heart and mind. 


Each learner's interest, activities, motivations and level of development are a vital part of the whole classroom learning experience and why we maintain a ratio of 8:1.  This ratio allows for individual attention to each student and ensures each is provided with a full Montessori experience.


MCH fosters an environment of independence, responsibility, innovation and initiative.  A prepared environment along with an observant teacher allows for successful learning where each learner's mind is free to engage and grow.