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Why choose MCH?


Where kids learn, play, grow, and thrive!

There are many wonderful schools in Virginia Beach. Here are a few reasons why we think MCH is the best choice:

  • Our warm & nurturing environment helps children feel at home.

  • Personalized learning: each student has a customized, individual learning plan.

  • Multisensory & hands on: our students learn by doing, using specifically designed materials.

  • Excellent teacher ratio, with 1:1 and small group (2-3 students) instruction. Our school age students work in classrooms of about 12-14 students!

  • Explicit social & emotional instruction for a happy, harmonious class.

  • The Montessori approach creates curious, independent, persistent, successful students!

  • Experienced teachers: Our lead teachers have an average of over 16 years of experience. Many have been teaching for 20+ years!

  • 50 years of success! MCH has been operating for over 50 years, and we have an excellent track record of academic accomplishments. 

Students Building Windmill
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