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Summer Session

Science - Technology - Engineering - Art - Math

It’s going to be a STEAMy summer at MCH!

Come join us for the summer months, and enjoy tons of new activities, with a focus on fun! We will be
doing some of our traditional favorite summer activities like:

  • Outdoor free play

  • Nature walks

  • Weekly swim lessons at the Larkspur Swim & Racquet Club

  • Sports field trips (Top Golf, Gymstrada gymnastics, Pin Boys bowling)

  • Arts & crafts activities

And, since our students love STEM so much, we will be doing as much as possible! New activities for this summer include:


01. Natural science

  • Growing food for kids and pollinators in our revamped kids garden

  • Lifecycle of the ladybug, with live ladybug release

  • Raising and releasing monarch & swallowtail butterflies

  • Visiting animal friends (baby goats and bunny rabbits)

  • Touring a veterinary hospital

  • Hands-on exploration of the ecology of the Chesapeake Bay & Lynnhaven River

  • Analyzing pond water and brackish water

  • Exploring the mathematical patterns found in nature


02. Aeronautics &                     Rocketry

  • Discovering principles of aviation design

  • Building, and testing paper airplanes

  • Building and launching model rockets

  • Learning about our region’s aviation history

  • Building and flying kites

  • Fun with stomp rockets

Young Boys Racing Wearing Watermelon Hel

03. Engineering & Builder


  • Constructing cardboard forts, cities, castles, and whatever students can imagine during free-build sessions

  • Lego challenges and free play

  • Hydro engineering and water play

  • Experimenting with solar-powered projects

  • Problem-solving and design challenges

  • Electronic circuit design


06. Summer on the Stage

  • Drawing

  • Painting

  • Student-led skits

  • Practicing new songs and music

  • Playing with the school's piano and other music instruments

Kids in Technology Class

07. Technology (for our older students)

  • Programming in Scratch​

  • Using Osmo learning technology

  • Lego robotics

  • Typing practice

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