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Owner & STEM Teacher

Teacher Kathy first found MCH while searching for a preschool for the oldest of her three children. As a former research scientist and project manager, she was fascinated by the systematic, research-based techniques used in Montessori education, and went on to obtain her Montessori teaching certification. As a parent, she loved seeing the joyful, independent, and capable learners that MCH nurtures. When the opportunity arose to join the MCH team, she jumped at the chance. Teacher Kathy teaches a weekly STEM enrichment class in the Kindergarten and Elementary programs, and spends the remainder of her time with the preschool class. When she’s not teaching the next generation of mad scientists, she enjoys gardening, water sports, and spending time with her family and dogs.

Teacher Kathy

Director & Preschool Practical Life

Teacher Melissa has over 20 years of experience in early childhood education, including more than 11 years at MCH as a Teacher, Director, and MCH parent. In addition to managing the day-to-day activities of our school, she teaches the Practical Life curriculum in our Preschool class. Teacher Melissa especially enjoys helping students grow in their independence. She is the first to celebrate when one of our students triumphantly announces, “I did it myself!” Teacher Melissa loves both kids and animals. She lives
in Virginia Beach with her menagerie of girls, dogs, rabbits, chickens, turtles and assorted wildlife rescues.

Teacher Melissa


Teacher Kelly is a certified elementary teacher who began her teaching career in the Norfolk city public schools. She switched to Montessori education and has been teaching the multi-age Elementary class at MCH for more than 7 years. Teacher Kelly loves the small class size at MCH, which allows her to know and support her students as individuals. As the mother of four grown boys, Teacher Kelly understands and appreciates their needs, and also enjoys the opportunity to teach our MCH girls! She is continually
impressed by her students’ enthusiasm for learning, and she is always on the lookout for new and interesting lessons and learning units to explore with her class.

Teacher Kelly


Teacher Subha is a certified Montessori teacher with more than 29 years of teaching experience. She has been teaching Montessori Kindergarten specifically for more than 16 years. She first joined MCH as a parent, while her daughter attended MCH, and when we had an opening for a Kindergarten teacher in 2018, we enthusiastically welcomed her to our team! Teacher Subha adores her students, and is especially talented at nurturing a happy, harmonious class environment.

Teacher Subha

Preschool Language Arts, Spanish, Geography & Culture

Teacher Danielle is a fluent Spanish speaker and a certified Montessori teacher who has been with MCH for more than 7 years. She loves sharing her interest in languages and world culture with the Preschool class. As another parent of former MCH students, she knows firsthand how engaging the interest of our youngest
students can spark a lifelong passion for discovery and growth. In addition to teaching Language Arts, Geography & Cultural studies in Preschool, Teacher Danielle teaches a weekly Spanish class in the
Kindergarten and Elementary programs. When she isn’t teaching, she enjoys travelling and spending time with her family.

Teacher Danielle

Preschool Sensorial

Teacher Becca is a certified Montessori teacher with more than 28 years of experience in early childhood education. She has been a teacher at MCH for more than 7 years. Teacher Becca is a favorite of our youngest MCH students and loves to see them grow and flourish as they progress through the program. In addition to teaching our Sensorial curriculum, Teacher Becca provides most of the explicit social and emotional instruction that helps our MCH Preschoolers grow in kindness and compassion. She loves to celebrate holidays with our students, and is the mastermind behind most of our holiday decorations and themed projects.

Teacher Becca

Preschool Math

Teacher Allision also started at MCH as a parent, before joining the MCH team as the Preschool Math teacher in 2017. She enjoys that the Montessori approach to math is concrete, natural, and encourages students to truly enjoy and appreciate math. She loves to share her interest with her students and is amazed by how much they can accomplish and understand at a young age. Teacher Allison has a special rapport with our quietest, most introverted students, and enjoys watching them grow into confident young learners.

Teacher Allison

Teaching Assistant

Teacher Sierra has more than 5 years of experience in early childhood education, including about 2 years of experience at MCH. She assists in both the Elementary and Preschool classes and helps our Kindergarten and Elementary students with their homework during our afterschool care program. In addition to teaching at MCH, she attends Tidewater Community College part-time and hopes to one day teach English as a second language.

Teacher Sierra

Teaching Assistant

Teacher Alyssa is a fluent Japanese speaker who teaches weekly Japanese Language and Origami Art classes with our Preschool, Kindergarten, and Elementary classes. In addition, she works in
both the Elementary and Preschool classes as a Teaching Assistant. Teacher Alyssa is attending Old Dominion University part-time, majoring in child psychology.

Teacher Alyssa

Teaching Assistant

Teacher Brianna is an experienced childcare professional who hopes to become a certified Montessori Teacher. She joined MCH in early 2019 and assists in the Preschool class and afterschool care
program. Teacher “Bri” is a favorite confidant of our MCH students, who can’t wait to tell her the many details of their day.

Teacher Brianna

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Montessori Children's House of Virginia Beach, VA offers a traditional Montessori education for Preschool, Kindergarten, and Elementary students Grades 1 to 5. We also offer aftercare and a summer program. Come learn, play, grow, and thrive with us!

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