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Elementary Grades 1 -5

Preschool – Kindergarten – Elementary

Where kids learn, play, grow, and thrive!


MCH’s Elementary class is a multi-age class supporting students in Grades 1-5. Our curriculum meets and exceeds the Virginia Standards of Learning, so our students are well-prepared when they eventually leave MCH. However, our elementary class follows the MCH and Montessori practice of providing students with a personalized learning experience. Each student receives work at his or her level. We offer both acceleration and differentiation for gifted learners (see Gifted Education and Learning Differences for more information). This is made possible by our small class size, and by having a teaching assistant available so that our teacher can work with students individually and in very small groups.

Our Elementary students continue to work with Montessori materials, and similar concrete learning tools. They have some opportunity to choose their own work during free lesson periods, and may choose from a variety of interesting and enriching activities (for example, playing chess with a classmate).
We are very proud of our academic results, and most of our MCH Elementary students are significantly ahead of their peers. Elementary students have multiple daily recess and outdoor time periods (weather permitting).
Although our teachers may vary the daily schedule to accommodate the class’s needs, a typical daily schedule is as follows:


We strongly recommend that your child arrive in time for outside play at 8:00 am. Our instruction day begins at 8:30 am sharp, but we believe that this outside time is very beneficial to our students. It is a soft, fun start that they won’t want to miss, and allows them to socialize and burn off energy so that they are ready to succeed when our day officially begins.

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