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Preschool – Kindergarten – Elementary

Where kids learn, play, grow, and thrive!

MCH has defined curricula and learning objectives for each of our curriculum areas. However, it’s important to remember that the primary objective of our preschool program is to help students adjust to a school environment and be ready for Kindergarten: socially, emotionally, behaviorally, physically (gross & fine motor skills), and academically.

Some of our students take a school year or more just to feel comfortable and work independently (and that is fine)! Research on early childhood education shows that self-regulation (the student’s ability to control his/her behavior and work independently, follow directions, be self-motivated, etc.) is the best predictor of a student’s success. Regardless of a student’s individual personality and development, we can help him or her develop a love of learning and be prepared for future success.

  • Group curriculum objectives

  • Practical Life curriculum objectives

  • Sensorial curriculum objectives

  • Geography & Cultural curriculum objectives

  • English Language Arts curriculum objectives

  • Math curriculum objectives

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