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Recent Research Suggests Montessori Kids Become Happier Adults!

A happy Montessori preschool student smiles in the classroom

This fascinating 2021 study conducted by professors from the University of Virginia's Department of Psychology shows a positive association between having attended a Montessori school and reporting higher rates of wellbeing as an adult.

There are several very exciting results here! For one, this was a good-sized trial of 1,905 adults aged 18-81. The researchers found that even students who only attended a Montessori school for two years had higher scores for wellbeing in all four dimensions that were studied: they had higher general wellbeing, higher engagement, higher social trust, and higher self-confidence scores. That's a powerful effect!

Interestingly, the researchers compared students who attended traditional private schools versus students who attended Montessori schools, and found that the Montessori students scored significantly higher.

And finally, the research found that the more years of Montessori education a student had, the higher their wellbeing scores were likely to be.

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