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Are you Smarter than an MCH 5th Grader?

Thank you to all families who attended our Kindergarten and Elementary Open House in February! For those who could not attend, we began our open house this year with a fun demonstration of just how much our students learn by the time they graduate our program. We had our four 5th graders captain our Upper Elementary class in a game of kids vs. parent volunteers, "Are you Smarter than an (MCH) 5th Grader?"

The questions were mostly taken from our Great Lessons curriculum, with some fun language and math additions. I am proud to report that the students won: 33-10! Even more impressively, they only missed one question in the entire game! Check out the questions below and see whether you are smarter than an MCH 5th grader.

MCH K-5 Open House - Smarter 5th Grader
Download PDF • 202KB

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