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Starting the Year off with a (Big) Bang!

Here is a video of one of our STEM lessons in Lower & Upper Elementary. Our elementary science and social studies curriculum is based on the Montessori Great Lessons, but we add our own special MCH twists! At MCH we have exciting hands-on science experiments or building challenges every week that typically correspond to the unit the class is covering.

Since the first great lesson is The Coming of the Universe, that means we always start the school year with rocketry or another space related project. As you can tell, the kids (and T. Kathy) love it!

We did this demonstration with both the Lower Elementary and the Upper Elementary classes, and then the Upper Elementary class was tasked with building a launch pad for the water rocket so that T. Kathy doesn’t get soaked during the launch.

They worked in teams and built a successful Lego launchpad, and also used a student CAD program to design and print one on our 3D printer!

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